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I connected with her in regard to astrology – I have interacted with few astrologers earlier as well , but the best part about her is that if she is making a prediction , she is doing it with the heart and giving a logic and a reason behind , that why this is happening and how it will happen. I wish her all the very best !!!

Jyoti Malhotra, Delhi

I would like to share my incredible experience of consultation by Abha Walia .one of my friend has referred me to consult Abha during my low phase in.terms of my carrier and personal life and it was a impact of magical advisery by Any that I become more positive and things started going well In my life.I got settled in my personal and professionl life due to her positive advisery and support.I got better vision of life .Thank you so much Abha for putting my life on a right path will surely highly recommend people to seek advisery from Abha.

Manish Gupta,Delhi.

Thanks abha for ur advice and bringing in positivity around me. The way you explain things uplifts my sense of being and let me look at life with strength and positivity.

Neha Nagpal, Journalist with Times of India Group., Delhi.

Ms. Abha Walia I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service you provide. I really appreciate your responsiveness in the way you conducted my horoscope. I am very happy & satisfied that you gave lot of time to study my horoscope & predicted almost accurate things which is happening in my life. I will recommend your name to my relatives & friends. May you shine bigger & bigger with each day & gave solutions to people in there daily life & help them to come out from there problems by your predictions.

Sumit Gupta, Owner at an Advertising Firm, Delhi

I am very happy & satisfied that you gave time to me, Thankyou so much for your positive advice & the way you showed, your view really ignited fire inside me to bring the change within myself.

Ashish Vashist, Delhi.

I contacted Ms Abha in regards to my career problems. Thank you ma’am for taking out time and studying my horoscope. Will follow your advice and hopeful that things will be in my favor soon.


I have visited a few astrologers in last few months as I was feeling disturbed.After meeting 4-5 astrologers, I felt most satisfied after talking to Abha ji as she explained the things in most scientific way. Highlightes of her services are: 1. Flexible in Timings 2.More scientific way to explain the things 3.Continous Take care even after Consultancy. Sanjeev joshi Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India

Sanjeev joshi Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India

Abhaji is the best astrologer I have met so far,she is so patient with you gives you ample amount of time answers all your queries with logical examples, such a positive person,would highly recommend her to everyone 😊


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I have approached Abha for Janamkundali of my little daughter and prediction of my birth chart..and I have found that she is great in prediction and She is a great astrologer..All the best to her..

Akhilesh Dubey

Thanku, abhaastro for your guidance and Astro predictions. I would like to mention here that honestly i am finding myself insufficient of words , for the way she has helped me make difficult decisions She has an amazing knack of explaining thru simple examples and worldly experiences.

Shefali Kharkar, Mumbai India.

“I really enjoyed Abhaastro work for the accuracy and detail it offered. She is quite objective in her assessments without being judgmental or cold – she offers both positive and negative views on planets placements, and gives advice in how to remedy the negative ones. She is also precise in her predictions. I am certain I will work with her in the future.” Jazzy


Ms. Abha Walia is a very learned Astrologer who has guided me in a detailed way regarding my personal issues and has given me remedies which have given me remarkable results in approving my problems in my relationships. I strongly recommend her to all.


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