Relationship is the important aspect of anybody's life. We are born to survive on this earth and to deal with other souls in order to settle our Karmic Accounts. We are born to experience ourselves through the souls who are connected to us as our family, spouse, parents, children, friends and other small or big encounters in life. The whole idea of experiencing these relationships is to experience the sweet and bitter fruits of our karmas done in previous lives and the karmas which we will be doing in our next lives.

Rishi Parashara in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, has mentioned the roles of various planets and houses which affects our relationships and experiences with these people who are present in our lives. Your Birth Horoscope can tell you about the quality of these relationships, your past debt of Karmas if pending with a particular relation or person in life and lot more.

An Astrologer, can put light on these aspects and can guide you with the remedies and help you understand your equation with the important and valuable people in life. You can Order your Relationship Reading with your spouse and can handle your relationships better.

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