Marriage & GunMilan

Marriage & GunMilan

Marriage is very important Sanskar (occasion) in which a boy and a girl marry with each other and starts their married life socially. They enter into Grahast Jeevan. In earlier times, people used to adjust and understand each other to establish their home but in today's world they break their marriagea. 

Gun Milan is an ancient 8-fold Vedic test of horoscope matching between a man and woman's charts for marriage based only on the placement of one planet Moon.
The Natal Charts of the man and the woman are drawn and comparatively tested for compatibility in eight different ways. Each test has a score. While the maximum points that can be achieved under each test are different, the full 8-fold test can yield a maximum score of 36 points which judges how compatible you two are by seeing the zodiac signs and horoscopes . A score of 18 is deemed to be the minimum for a reasonable match. Marriages are not recommended for a result below 18. 
Another important aspect of Marriage Compatibility is Manglik Match (Mars Consideration). Which is believed to be important for success of married life and well being of both male and Female partner. 

More than the Gun Milan it is important to get the complete horoscopes matched. If horoscopes are not matching properly than they can be unhappy, divorce may be happen, differences of opinion etc would be faced. So complete horoscope matching  is very important for any marriage. Below said points should be kept in mind before match making:

What is the strength of the horoscope on marriage front?

Age of both person (longevity)

Is there any Vidhur yog or Vaidvay yog?( widow hood yoga)

Prosperity and other related stuff Matching

Matching of malefic planets which affected marital houses in horoscope

Matching of married life houses in horoscope

Matchmaking of significant planet of marriage

Dasha matching

Transit matching

Manglik dosha matching

Astkot matching Yog of Vishkanya

Dosh samveyam

Dasha sandhi

If any problem is there, then what kind of problem? & their solutions with remedies.

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