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Astrological Consultation Diwali Offer

Video Call or Telephone


You can directly consult Abhaastro by Telephonic/Skype and ask any question. There is no limit of queries. You will get proper solutions to your queries. Remedies will be given to you in addition to your queries and will be provided to you during the consultation. A report will be given to you within 5-7 working days after the conversation.

Love and Marriage Report with Gun Milan

(PDF Report)


Love and Marriage are two important pillars of Indian society. More importantly, both these go hand in hand to ensure a successful family life. Life is not a bed of roses and there are unknown problems that crop up and wreak havoc in one’s life. These problems can be resolved through the use of Vedic Astrology. Report will be provided to you with in 5-7 working days. Please mention your queries while ordering your report.

Career and Finance Report Diwali Offer

(PDF Report)


This report will give you an overview of your career life by looking your birth chart and will also tell you career fields which are promising to you in future. It will cover up predictions related to your career in coming 3-4 years and lastly, remedies will also be provided for your better career prospects in the longer run. Your report will be provided to you with in 5-7 working days.

Varsha Phal Report

(PDF Report)


An yearly report which gets generated on the Birthdate, to give you an close details of the happenings in the new year of your life, it is particularly drafted for one year and is generally called Yearly Report. It predicts Muntha, which is an important calculated point in astrology and plays an important role in natives life for that year. The report will share the remedies to be performed for that year.

Birth Horoscope for New Born or an Adult



You can order your Birth Horoscope which will be sent to you through email in the PDF Format. You can order it for the newborns in the family or even the adults. It will contain the Birth Horoscope giving the details of Planets, Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsha Chart, Dasha Pattern and Characteristics of the Native and his natural talents.

The Tarot

Tarot Card Reading Video Session


Tarot Card Reading can help you to get an insight of your past, presence and future , by posing a
question to the cards. The Tarot Cards are activated by worshiping divine and a connect between the
reader, seeker and divine is created during the session and the cards starts speaking to the reader and
seeker….. To believe it, experience it! with us by ordering your Video Tarot Card Reading Session.

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