Finance, Money, Cash Flow. What to say about it now? We all know that Money cannot replace God but it is also not less than God in todays time. Every seeker today, wants to know how and when he will prosper in life, what are the financial prospects, the condition of his assets, his money. So Finance or you may call it Monetary Gains, have been given lot of significance in Vedic Astrology.

XI House of your Birth Chart shows the Gains from your Profession, the running cash in your pocket, the money. So an Astrologer will closely analyze this House of your Birth Horoscope, Its connection with Xth and the XII House, because X House tells you about the source of Money and XII house shows the expenditure.. so whatever you earn less what you spent, will give you your savings and then the assets which is seen from the II House of your Horoscope.

There are four important aspects of Life as per the Vedic Astrology, Dharma, Kaama, Artha and Moksha. Artha relates to the material and physical support of life and is seen from the II , VI & X Houses.

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