Career is the most important aspect of our lives in this competitive world. We all are born to perform Karma, our job or the task which is endowed to us by God as a contributor in his huge plan of Universe, we born with a purpose.

If we simplify it further to relate with the current lifestyle, it refers to our Profession, our work, our Job through which we contribute and support the society in our own capacity. Imagine, if the farmers denies to do farming, Cattle refuse to give Milk, If Media People refuse to cover the News, If our grocery shop remains closed . How will we be able to survive? Now think that we or any individual for that matter has a set task to perform in this world which he or she should and Astrology can help you to identify that special task which is given to you.

An astrologer can guide you by studying your Fifth and Ninth House of your Horoscope that which subjects or which study will suit you and by seeing the X house of your Birth Horoscope he can tell you about the profession which you shall opt in life to have the success and most importantly to survive and perform the allotted task as per the huge cosmic master plan.

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Daily Planetary Overview

Sun Suncapricorn Capricorn 10:19:10280:19:10Shravana
Mercury Mercurycapricorn Capricorn 19:54:43289:54:43Shravana
Venus Venusaquarius Aquarius 19:24:50319:24:50Shatbhisha
Mars Marsscorpio Scorpio 20:29:6230:29:6Jyestha
Jupiter Jupitersagittarius Sagittarius 17:59:33257:59:33Purvashada
Saturn Saturncapricorn Capricorn 0:5:30270:5:30Uttarashada
Moon Mooncapricorn Capricorn 11:24:31281:24:31Shravana
Rahu Rahugemini Gemini 12:49:5472:49:54Ardra
Ketu Ketusagittarius Sagittarius 12:49:54252:49:54Mool
Uranus Uranusaries Aries 8:35:508:35:50Ashwini
Neptune Neptuneaquarius Aquarius 22:43:28322:43:28PurvaBhadrapad
Pluto Plutosagittarius Sagittarius 29:2:59269:2:59Uttarashada

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