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Abha Astro, the name which has been given to me by my beloved clients, is now my new identity which i would to carry along for life now. 

I was born in a middle class family in Delhi and my mother Shrimati Neeru Walia ji gave me this beautiful name "ABHA" which means Aura, Shine .to me and my surname Walia came with my father Late Shri Kuldeep Walia. I want the followers of this website to know a bit about their Astrologer "Abha Walia" who is popularly known as Abha Astro. 

I did my schooling from Happy Model School and my graduation from Delhi University and then my Acharya Course from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, where I learned about this divine vidya from my Gurus, few to mention here Deepak Kapoor, Manoj Pathak Ji, Vinay Gupta Sir, Ganesh Sir and most importantly Shri K N Rao Ji. I am truly blessed to be chosen by God almighty for learning this Divine Vidya which was explained to Rishi Maitreya by Maharishi Parashara.

Maharishi Parashara said Jyotish, the supreme limb of the Vedas, has three divisions, viz. Hora, Ganita, and Samhita. He further explained how this Universe is created? How does it end? What is the relationship of the animals born on this earth with the heavenly bodies?

Lord Vishnu, coupled with Shri Shakti rules over the three worlds. Coupled with Bhoo Shakti, He is Brahma causing the Universe. Coupled with Neel Shakti, He is Shiva, destroying the Universe.

Out of the many luminous bodies sighted in the skies, some are stars; yet some are grahas. Those that are moving are grahas and those that have no movements are the Nakshatras (or asterisms).

So my friends, I am here to help you with your queries related to your life, your problems, your concerns and your worries through Vedic Astrology and its principals, which was created for the betterment of the Human Race and to guide you through your lives.

We all are bound to perform Karmas and we have the free will to choose our Karmas and on the basis of our good and bad deeds, these planets and Nakshatras are supposed to bestow their blessings on us or to punish us during our stay at this planet Earth.

All the souls in this huge Universe are connected to each other and effects each other with their presence, thoughts, deeds and actions. So try to be the source of nourishment and peace for all and not the cause of pain for others.

I thank all my viewers, I am grateful to my family and friends to bestow their trust and faith in me and especially to the Supreme Soul Shiva to choose me for this profession and service.

Your Friend and Guide AbhaAstro

Daily Planetary Overview

Sun Sunscorpio Scorpio 3:12:53213:12:53Vishaka
Mercury Mercurylibra Libra 17:30:43197:30:43Swati
Venus Venusscorpio Scorpio 28:23:54238:23:54Jyestha
Mars Marslibra Libra 6:18:46186:18:46Chitra
Jupiter Jupitersagittarius Sagittarius 3:4:46243:4:46Mool
Saturn Saturnsagittarius Sagittarius 22:48:4262:48:4Purvashada
Moon Moonleo Leo 4:44:11124:44:11Magha
Rahu Rahugemini Gemini 16:19:4376:19:43Ardra
Ketu Ketusagittarius Sagittarius 16:19:43256:19:43Purvashada
Uranus Uranusaries Aries 9:34:419:34:41Ashwini
Neptune Neptuneaquarius Aquarius 21:48:30321:48:30PurvaBhadrapad
Pluto Plutosagittarius Sagittarius 27:2:58267:2:58Uttarashada

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