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I always wondered about how this universe works and how we all are connected, thought to explore Astrology and then realized that we all are born from one and have a deep affect on each others life through our deeds and karmas.

Astrology is a divine vidya and have been given to us through sages. and can tell a lot about your purpose in this life, karmic pattern, karmic debt and the fruits which your are is suppose to bear in this life.

daily teachings

"Happiness come from attitude , Happiness comes from Within"


Birth Horoscope(kundli)


Daily Planetary Overview

Sun Sunlibra Libra 1:10:16181:10:16Chitra
Mercury Mercurylibra Libra 25:37:10205:37:10Vishaka
Venus Venuslibra Libra 18:39:7198:39:7Swati
Mars Marsvirgo Virgo 15:25:51165:25:51Hasta
Jupiter Jupiterscorpio Scorpio 26:50:56236:50:56Jyestha
Saturn Saturnsagittarius Sagittarius 20:32:24260:32:24Purvashada
Moon Moongemini Gemini 0:2:5060:2:50Mrigshiras
Rahu Rahugemini Gemini 18:1:2778:1:27Ardra
Ketu Ketusagittarius Sagittarius 18:1:27258:1:27Purvashada
Uranus Uranusaries Aries 10:51:2610:51:26Ashwini
Neptune Neptuneaquarius Aquarius 22:12:42322:12:42PurvaBhadrapad
Pluto Plutosagittarius Sagittarius 26:33:41266:33:41Purvashada

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