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I always wondered about how this universe works and how we all are connected, thought to explore Astrology and then realized that we all are born from one and have a deep affect on each others life through our deeds and karmas.

Astrology is a divine vidya and have been given to us through sages. and can tell a lot about your purpose in this life, karmic pattern, karmic debt and the fruits which your are is suppose to bear in this life.

daily teachings

"Never intend to change or influence any thing, let the time takes it own course and let the energy flows naturally, be it in a relationship, a situation in life or even within you"


Birth Horoscope(kundli)


Daily Planetary Overview

Planetary Position in Sky as on 23rd July 2019, India
PlanetsPlanets Longitude
Sun05 Can 56' 15"
Moon15 Pis 01' 19"
Mars19 Can 20' 53"
Mercury03 Can 14' 21" R
Jupiter20 Sco 57' 21" R
Venus29 Gem 51' 07"
Saturn22 Sag 06' 43" R
Rahu23 Gem 24' 55" R
Uranus12 Ari 19' 37"
Neptune24 Aqu 20' 20" R
Pluto27 Sag 33' 34" R

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