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I always wondered about how this universe works and how we all are connected, thought to explore Astrology and then realized that we all are born from one and have a deep affect on each others life through our deeds and karmas.

Astrology is a divine vidya and have been given to us through sages. and can tell a lot about your purpose in this life, karmic pattern, karmic debt and the fruits which your are is suppose to bear in this life.

daily teachings

"Only Humans has the Capacity to become GOD, if u realize this  you can raise to the next level of Consciousness "


Birth Horoscope(kundli)


Daily Planetary Overview

PlanetsPlanets Longitude
Sun14 Tau 22' 44"
Moon23 Pis 09' 38"
Mars14 Gem 55' 43"
Mercury24 Tau 43' 35"
Jupiter26 Sco 47' 41" R
Venus23 Ari 50' 28"
Saturn25 Sag 41' 05" R
Rahu24 Gem 14' 49" R
Uranus10 Ari 26' 53"
Neptune24 Aqu 27' 52"
Pluto28 Sag 44' 18" R

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